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Carol R. Glass

Professor, Clinical Psychology


 lab: Anxiety, Mindfulness & Psychotherapy Integration Lab

 326 O'Boyle Hall 202-319-5759

My research interests include cognitive behavioral therapy and assessment, shyness and social anxiety, cognitive factors in anxiety, mindfulness, sport psychology, and psychotherapy integration. I am especially interested in the role of cognition in anxiety experienced by nonclinical populations, and mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to alleviate anxiety and stress. With Diane Arnkoff and our doctoral students, I have investigated the effectiveness of different types of mindfulness training for student stress, with a specific interest in cognitive change as a result of mindfulness interventions.

I also worked with Keith Kaufman to develop a mindfulness-based training for athletes, and evaluated the efficacy of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) with archers, golfers, and more recently with long-distance runners. This research has also examined how different facets of mindfulness are related to sport anxiety, self-efficacy, and flow in athletes.

Finally, my research in psychotherapy integration is focused on how therapists of varying theoretical orientations incorporate new techniques (e.g., EMDR, DBT) into their practice.

I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, and serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration. Additionally, I am a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Society of Clinical Psychology), and have a private practice in clinical psychology in Bethesda, MD.


Ph.D., 1976, Indiana University, Clinical Psychology

M.A., 1974, Indiana University, Clinical Psychology

B.A., 1972, DePauw University, Major in Psychology

Selected Publications

DiGiorgio, K., Glass, C. R., & Arnkoff, D. B. (2010). Therapists’ use of DBT: A survey study of clinical practice. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 17, 213-221. (pdf)

Goldfried, M. R., Glass, C. R., & Arnkoff, D. B. (2010). Integrative approaches to psychotherapy. In J. C. Norcross, G. R. VandenBos, & D. K. Freedheim (Eds.), History of Psychotherapy: Continuity and change (2nd ed., pp. 269-296). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. (pdf)

Kaufman, K. A., Glass, C. R., & Arnkoff, D. B. (2009). An evaluation of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE): A new mental training approach to promote flow in athletes. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 4, 334-356. (pdf)

Pineau, T. R., Glass, C. R., & Kaufman, K. A. (2014). Mindfulness in sport performance. In A. Ie, C. T. Ngnoumen, & E. J. Langer (Eds.), The Wiley Blackwell handbook of mindfulness (Vol. II, pp. 1004-1033). Chichester, U.K.: John Wiley & Sons. (pdf)


Woodruff, S. C., Glass, C. R., Arnkoff, D. B., Crowley, K.J., Hindman, R. K., & Hirschhorn, E. W. (2014). Comparing self-compassion, mindfulness, and psychological inflexibility as predictors of psychological health. Mindfulness, 5, 410-421. (pdf)


See Lab site for additional publications.

Recent courses

PSY 224 Psychology of Women and Men

PSY 373 Cognitive and Behavior Therapy (undergraduate)

PSY 745 Cognitive and Behavior Therapy (graduate)

PSY 908 Practicum in Psychotherapy