The Catholic University of America

Profile of Clinical Students

In recent years, six or seven students have been selected each Spring to begin graduate study in the Fall. Approximately 140-210 applications are received each year, and about 50 of these applicants are invited for an interview. The program is particularly interested in training clinical psychologists who aspire to scholarly excellence, and accordingly we welcome applications from students interested in clinical research. Because of the rigorous selection process, it is expected that all students selected for the program will complete their studies successfully.

Few students voluntarily withdraw or are asked to leave the program; in the last 10 years, the average has been well less than one per year. The vast majority of students entering the program finish the doctoral program successfully.
There is no predetermined ratio of students by gender, race, or any other classification. Diversity in age and experience is valued, as it contributes to the vitality of each class. Students come from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. The university is an Equal Opportunity Institution, and selection is open to men and women of all races and creeds. Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Careful attention is given to each student's development in the areas of academic achievement, research accomplishment, and clinical skill development. At the close of each academic year, the clinical faculty considers each student's progress, and clear evaluative feedback is given. When remedial work is required, the advisor, student, and director of the clinical program prepare a plan for effecting necessary changes.