The Catholic University of America


Psychology Department Graduate Research Symposium

February 28, 2012



> Lindsey M. Capon, M.A. The Role of Positivity in Marriages and Families. Lindsey M. Capon, Marcie Goeke-Morey & E. Mark Cummings 

> Emma Cardeli, M.A. Strengths and Stressors Within Migrant Farm Worker Families: A Preliminary Study of Influences on Young Children's Development Over Time. Emma Cardeli & Sandra Barrueco 

> Chris Corona, B.S. Analysis and Comparison of Suicidality in Danish Outpatients Using the SSF II-R. Chris Corona, Lauren J. Callahan, Abby Ridge Anderson, Paul Boccellari, Keith W. Jennings, Ann C. Nielsen, Christian M. Pedersen, Hanne Lykkeskov, Mette Due, Kirsten Baatrup, Nina Østergaard & David A. Jobes 

> Keith W. Jennings, M.A. Suicide Status Form (SSF) Macro-Coded Typologies of Treatment-Engaged Suicidal Patients Keith W. Jennings, David A. Jobes, Stephen S. O’Connor & Katherine A. Comtois 

> Seth A. Kiser, M.A. Action Monitoring and Response Selection in an Implicitly Primed Simon Task. Seth A. Kiser, James H. Howard & Rebecca Fuller 

> Brieanne K. Kohrt, M.A. Maternal mental health in urban migrant communities in Peru: Prevalence, correlates, and its relationship to child development. Brieanne K. Kohrt & Sandra Barrueco 

> Victor K. Quach, M.A. Survival Processing and Memory for Location. Victor K. Quach & Marc M. Sebrechts 

> Heather Rosen, M.A. Inaccurate Screening of Youth With Severe Mood Dysregulation Based on the CBCL-Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Profile. Heather R. Rosen, Brendan A. Rich & Ellen Leibenluft 

> Kendra L. Seaman, M.A. Decision making in older adults: The influence of learning on a cued prediction task. Kendra L. Seaman, Alissa B. Forman-Alberti, Darlene V. Howard & James H. Howard, Jr. 

> Srishti Seth, MA Prospective Prediction of Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents. Srishti Seth, P. Michelle Mullaley & Barry M. Wagner

 > Jill R. Settle, M.A. Paradoxical Effects of Detailed Plans on Complex Prospective Memory Performance. Jill R. Settle, Deborah M. Clawson, L. Erin Fritsch & Marc M. Sebrechts 

> Jason Spitaletta, M.S./M.A. Intolerance of Uncertainty Related to Preservation of Working Memory Capacity Under Ambiguity. Jason Spitaletta & Marc M. Sebrechts 

> Scott C. Woodruff, M.A. Comparing Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, and Psychological Inflexibility as Predictors of Psychological Health. Scott C. Woodruff, Kevin J. Crowley, Robert K. Hindman, Elizabeth W. Hirschhorn, Carol R. Glass, Diane B. Arnkoff & Andrea L. Kulish