The Catholic University of America


Psychology Department Graduate Research Symposium

April 22, 2014



Christopher D. Corona, M.A.

The Relationship Between Response Style and Treatment Outcomes Among Suicidal Inpatients

Christopher D. Corona, David A. Jobes, Thomas Ellis, & J. Benjamin Hinnant 


Fleet Davis, M.S., M.A.

Metacognitive Prompting to Enhance Training in Virtual Environments

Fleet Davis  & Marc M. Sebrechts


Marylisa Gareau, M.A.

Playing Real-time Strategy Video Games Affects Executive Function and Working Memory

Marylisa Gareau & Marc M. Sebrechts


Seth A. Kiser, M.A.

Adult Age Differences in ERP Cluster-Based Permutations During Implicit Learning in the Triplets Learning Task

Seth A. Kiser, Rebecca R. Fuller, Darlene V. Howard, & James H. Howard, Jr.


 Guangsheng Liang, M.A.

EEG Alpha Desynchronization is Related to Implicit Learning in the Triplets Learning Task

Guangsheng Liang, Seth A. Kiser, Rebecca L. Fuller, Katy M. O'Neil, Darlene V. Howard, & James H.           

         Howard, Jr.


Maureen Monahan,  B.A.

Therapist Theoretical Orientation and Treatment Planning for Suicidal Patients

Maureen F. Monahan, Kevin, J. Crowley, Carol R. Glass, Diane B. Arnkoff, & David  A. Jobes


Catalina Perez, M.A

Maternal Predictors of Child Socioemotional Functioning in a Sample of Hispanic Migrant and Seasonal               Farmworkers

Catalina Perez & Sandra Barrueco


Blaire C. Schembari, M.A.

The Relationship Between Primary Suicidal Drivers and SSF Macro-coded  Suicidal Typologies within CAMS

Blaire C. Schembari, David A. Jobes,  & Rachel Martin 


Julia Schmidt, M.A.

Parent-Child Informant Discrepancy is Associated with Worse Family Functioning, Lower Child-perceived  

            Distress, and Poorer Treatment Outcome

Julia Schmidt, Brendan A. Rich, Lisa Berghorst, Mary K. Alvord, & J. Benjamin Hinnant


 Kendra L. Seaman, M.A.

Age-related Differences in State-based Decision Making  

Kendra L. Seaman, Darlene V. Howard, & James H. Howard, Jr.