The Catholic University of America

 Research Apprenticeships

Research Apprenticeship, PSY 493, is a 1-credit course for students who wish to get research experience by assisting a faculty member for 4-5 hours a week with an ongoing research project, thus learning about research through a "hands on" experience supervised by the professor. Interested students may contact individual faculty about available research opportunities. A departmental “Independent Study Form” (available from the Psychology Office in 314 O’Boyle) must be completed and signed by the relevant faculty member and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in order to have permission to register.

Research Apprenticeships may also be conducted with off-campus researcher supervisors (e.g., Washington VA, NIH); see the Undergraduate Director (Dr. Glass) for information and forms.
Students who take PSY 493 for three semesters will have the three 1-credit classes sum to create a course in their major that will count towards graduation requirements (i.e., as an elective course in Psychology).