The Catholic University of America

 Course Requirements and Suggested Sequence of Courses


Freshman Year:

Fall: PSY 201 General Psychology  

Spring: PSY elective 

Sophomore Year:

Fall: PSY 322 Introductory Statistics (completes the Math requirement), plus 1 PSY elective 

Spring: PSY 350 General Research Methods, plus 1 PSY elective

Junior Year:

PSY 370-level course + 470-level lab, 2-3 PSY electives

Senior Year:

PSY 451 Senior Seminar (fall), 2-3 PSY electives

Psychology majors are required to take a total of 12 courses in psychology with grades of C- or better, including General Psychology (PSY 201), Introductory Statistics (PSY 322 or HSSS 203), and General Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 350, includes lab), which are prerequisites for Senior Seminar (PSY 451). Out of the eight remaining electives in psychology, one course must be selected from each of four content areas: experimental, clinical, developmental, and social/personality psychology. In addition, one of these eight electives must be a 370-level course together with its corresponding 470-level laboratory section, to be taken after completing PSY 322 and 350. Students who wish to remain in the major cannot earn below a C- in more than one of the required courses, and required courses may only be repeated once.